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"Let no child be denied an
education because of money."

- Tom Brooks, College Funding Advisors

"People with six-figure incomes
are now regularly eligible for
five-figure college financial-aid

- The Wall Street Journal

"When it comes to financial aid
for college, it isn't just about
how much money you have.
It's about where that money is."

- The Wall Street Journal

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College Financial Aid - January 2020

Central Mass College Funding Advisors With many years of College Financial Aid experience, we understand how overwhelming and complex the college financial aid process has become. By implementing appropriate strategies designed for your specific situation, the amount of aid available to you can be increased dramatically.

This is often true even for parents who think they are too wealthy to benefit!

Our goal is to make college costs more reflective of what parents can afford, not what the colleges would like them to pay.

Did you know that this year's HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS are on the "Financial Aid Clock", and your 2018/19/20 tax returns will likely be in play? You may need to do some things now to maximize your financial aid. Do not allow more time to pass without learning how the Financial Aid System works.

Call Dave Landry today at 508-739-2020 x1 to see how much you may benefit based on your current financial profile. If he is unable to answer, simply leave a message and he will call you back by the end of our next business day.

Alternatively, attend one of our seminars. Begin now to plan for college in 2019/2020/2021!

If you have any questions at all about the college financial aid process or about the seminar, call today or contact us online.

The Seminar:

In just one session you will learn enough to know more than 95% of all Americans about how the College Financial Aid System works, and be able to reduce your college bill by thousands of dollars per year per child!

There is never any cost or obligation for attending. (Unless the venue has their own small charge - see our Seminar Schedule for details.)

Parents of ALL high school students grades 9 through 12 will find our seminar highly informative and valuable. Learn how to lower the cost of college and save thousands of dollars per child per year!

Learn how much is available in Grants and Scholarships, and how you can access your share of hundreds of billions of dollars available to you!

Attendees of our seminar always receive a FREE College Financial Aid analysis showing them how much financial aid they are currently eligible for as well as a FREE projected estimate of how much their college financial aid may be increased with our suggested strategies.

Some of the common myths we dispel at our Seminars:

(For our clients none of these statements are True!)

"I make too much money to qualify for Financial Aid."

"You are better off with savings in the student's name."

"The value of my home disqualifies me for Financial Aid."

"If you were rejected for Financial Aid last year,
there is no point in applying again this year."

"It will cost us double to have more than
one child in college at the same time."

Learn how to Maximize your College Financial Aid.
Learn who is eligible, how to get it and how not to lose it!

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